3T's Bats Goals

3T's All Star Sports Academy


1.  How our Players Act

2.  How our Parents Act

3.  Skill Development

4.  Forming Relationships

5.  Having FUN

The 3T's Bats teams were founded in 2014.  We are offering players a more competitive baseball experience.

Each and every practice and training session of 3T's Bats baseball is conducted by our 3T's Bats staff.  The atmosphere of 3T's Bats baseball is professional at all times on the field and in the stands.  Players, coaches, and parents will be held to the utmost standards in that regard.  First Class… Developing Players

3T's Bats baseball will provide players the opportunity to play on a team that will be coached by 3T's All Star Certified Coaches.  We do not define are success solely on wins and losses but rather the improvement of the individual as a whole.  We look at the whole child, not just the baseball player inside and develop teams that play well fundamentally and exhibit a true understanding of sportsmanship, and teamwork.  We will be the best in regard to citizenship, teamwork and fundamental play.  3T's Bats baseball will provide players in the Ames and surrounding area an opportunity to play for one of the most competitive and best coached organizations in the Iowa.

Families interested in 3T's Bats baseball will have a clear understanding of physical ability and coach ability.  Because of the importance that we place on sportsmanship for the players, coaches and parents, physical ability, while extremely important, is not the only determining factor for making a successful baseball player. 

Our goal is to develop fundamentals, teamwork and leadership.  Coaches will have the safety and general well-being of the players in mind.  Our coaches will not intimidate players, embarrass or ridicule them.  Our coaches will treat the players with respect.  All coaches will be held to the highest standard of child development and are ultimately responsible for the answering to the Director. 

All Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches are required to attend Coaches clinics and practices prior to the beginning of spring practices, enhancing their teaching of the sport to help improve the skills of their players and to learn from the staff at 3T’s All Star Sports Academy.

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