SMASH  Nutrition

This four-week program is designed to improve your young ball player's nutrition.  One parent my attend with the player for the 30-minute sessions.  A nutrition plan will be developed for your athlete and will be tracked each week.  Melissa Brooke will guide you through the process of proper nutrition that will improve their overall performance. 

Price for 4 Week Nutrition Plan = $60.00


This program is designed for improving your young player's strength, mobility, agility, speed, power, and flexibility.  Melissa and Paul Brooke will be leading the classes, which will be offered for ages 9 - 11 & 12 - 18.  Players will move through a series of fast paced exercises that will challenge them incorporating plyo boxes, j-bands, kettlebells, battle ropes, tire flips, jump ropes and much more.  Each week as your ball players trains twice, the challenges increases and the intensity builds.  After four weeks, players will see increased SMASH  ability evidenced through pre- and post-testing.




Price for 12 Classes:

Member Price: $160     Non-Members: $200

  • Players will be grouped by age and the youngest players will go at the earlier times. 

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Melissa Brooke is a certified personal trainer (ACE), who has a Master’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of Northern Iowa. She is an IFPA pro figure athlete, earning her pro card twice. In terms of nutrition, she has completed the Precision Nutrition certification. She has worked in the fitness industry for 20 years and has helped a great number of clients reach their goals by helping them achieve weight loss to assisting competition readiness for a variety of sports. 

Paul Brooke has broken seven world records in powerlifting for his age and weight class. Most recently breaking the world deadlift mark in Minneapolis at 655 lbs. He is currently a professor at Grand View University, where he has taught over 30 different classes. Brooke knows the intricacies of weight training and has been doing so for 29 years! Last year, Brooke won the State Fair  deadlifting competition by hoisting 675 lbs.   

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SMASH   =   Strength,  Mobility,  Agility,  Speed, Heightened Power,  and  Heightened Flexibility